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If you have been in a recent motor vehicle collision, we can help you. We can work with your attorney or help you even if you don’t have an attorney.  

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General Medicine

Allow us to function as your primary care provider. We can take care of most of your healthcare needs. If we can’t help you we will refer you to a specialist that can.

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Treatments and Diagnostics

Houston’s Progressive Medicine Associates offers x-rays to help us diagnose urgent and non-urgent conditions. Are you afraid that you fractured? Allow us to help you find out. Walk-in medical clinic located in Houston, Texas We are a…

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What patients say About Progressive Medicine

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  • Progressive Medicine is great! No long waits, no horrific bill in the mail, and the doctor is always there to visit with his patience! I've visited with Dr. Ali on several occasions, from abdominal pains to the usual cold. His staff is very friendly, and the wait is never long. The best part, its conveniently located off Westheimer and Fondren.

  • My family and I have been going to this clinic since it opened in 2010 and have been very Pleased with with their services. I find them to be very professional and friendly. I have never had to wait any longer than 30min., unless he (Ali A. Is in with another patient). And during that time I am doing rehabilitation for my back and neck. I find it to be Very Clean and the prices more than reasonable. On site blood tests are very convenient and reasonably priced, much lower than other clinics and fast, and no waiting over have them done. No matter what ails you, this is the place to go. No health question goes unanswered!