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Health Counseling

At Progressive Medicine, our doctors are well-versed in how to live a healthy life, no matter your background or medical needs. Our health counseling services are catered towards the individual…

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Medical Records

At Progressive Medicine, your comfortability and confidentiality is important to us. We keep all of our patients’ medical records safe, and only disclose them once a medical records release form…

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Blood Pressure Check-Ups

At Progressive Medicine, we take high blood pressure seriously. We offer blood pressure testing and management as one of our services. It’s important to stay on top of high or…

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Are you a victim of an accident that has left you in severe pain and discomfort? Living with pain is uncomfortable and unnecessary. Here at Progressive Medicine, we have all…

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General Medicine

Your health is our priority, and it should be yours as well. Regular physicals are a vital component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle – so allow us to function as…

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Treatments and Diagnostics

Houston’s Progressive Medicine Associates offers a wide range of medical treatment and diagnostic procedures to ensure optimal health for you and your family. Our staff is well-equipped and ready to…

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